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Upper secondary school student Anekkash Devasakayam from Struer participated in the innovation event. He thought it was fun to visit AU Herning and learn more about how the business community approaches innovation. Anekkash Devasakayam and his classmate Jeppe Gylling said that even though they do learn about innovation in school, it is very instructive and interesting to hear things from a different perspective. Photos: Julia Rolsted Stacey, BSS Communication.
Head of Department Jakob Kjær Eskildsen.
The student visitors upon arrival.
Researcher and lecturer Jacob Brix.
Students attending a class on innovation and sustainability.
Researcher and lecturer Tina Magaard.

2015.03.06 | Events

Upper secondary school students attended innovation event in Herning

On 3 March, AU Herning hosted an innovation event. 250 upper secondary school students were invited to attend classes and create innovation projects based on input from AU Herning’s researchers

2015.03.02 | Aarhus BSS

New Programme Board of Studies within the area of Business Engineering at Aarhus BSS

On 12 January 2015, the Dean’s Office decided to establish a new Programme Board of Studies for Business Engineering at Aarhus BSS.

The winter graduates from AU Herning received their diplomas at a ceremony on 30 January 2015. Here you see the GMM graduates. 8 out of 15 students received a 12 in their final exams. Photo: BSS Communication
Chief Technology Officer Rene Balle at KK Wind Solutions A/S gave the graduation speech. Photo: BSS Communication
The annual celebratory speech was given by winter graduate of the year Julia Pauli. She received praise for her contribution to the study environment and her work as a student counsellor. She was described as goal-oriented, proactive and inclusive with regard to the work she has done in her mentor company, and overall she has been extraordinarily serious about and dedicated to her studies on the GMM programme. Photo: BSS Communication 
Johnny Oliviera Møller (to the right) won the award for best paper on the GMM programme. Photo: BSS Communication
After the ceremony, AU Herning hosted a reception for the graduates and their friends and families. Photo: BSS Communication

2015.02.09 | Public/media

Winter graduation at AU Herning - This is a beginning, not an end.

On Friday 30 January, family, friends, lecturers and business executives turned up at AU Herning to celebrate the 133 graduates, who had just earned their degrees in engineering, business administration and management.

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